The Credit People

Score: 8.6

The Credit People is a credit repair service that has been used by over 100,000 people and has 15+ years of experience. The Credit People is a smaller company or operation than others reviewed, such as Sky Blue Credit and Lexington Law. It’s a good option because it’s the least expensive out of the top 5 credit repair companies. Further, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, because they’re a smaller operation, the service varies more customer to customer, and it’s possible that complaints will not get addressed in a timely manner. Therefore, go with The Credit People if cost is a major constraint.

The Credit People has a very low one-time fee of $19, followed by a reasonable $59 / month. The monthly fee puts it on par with Ovation Credit and Sky Blue Credit. The Credit People also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee where, during any month that the user would like to cancel, that month’s fees are waived. However, the language on their site does not say that they would refund previous months of services, thus making their guarantee less good than those of other services, such as Sky Blue Credit and Ovation Credit.

The Credit People’s BBB rating currently is at a C-. Again, service tends to vary more from customer to customer with The Credit People because they’re a smaller scale credit repair company, so this lower rating is not representative of everyone’s experiences. That said, there are more negative reviews for The Credit People’s services compared to Ovation Credit and Sky Blue Credit.

That said, The Credit People has successfully served over 100,000 customers, and it is still in business today after 15 years of helping consumers repair credit. Overall, Credit Upflow recommends The Credit People if capital constraints are a major option and would still like to go with a reputable credit repair service with over a decade of experience.


Rating CategoryScoreWeighting
Customer Satisfaction8.060%
Experience & Reputation9.015%
Money-Back Guarantees9.05%
Total Score8.6100%

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Initial Fee$19
Monthly Price$59
BBB RatingC-
Guarantee100% Satisfaction
Experience15+ Years

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