Our Ranking Methodology

At Credit Upflow, we looked at hundreds of data points to get a holistic picture of which credit repair companies were best. Our ranking methodology looked at what companies were the most effective, the best value for money, had the best reputation and experience, and the best money-back guarantee policy. We started by gathering a list of all of the credit repair and credit restoration companies that we could find. Many credit repair and credit restoration companies have served thousands of customers, and with the many reviews online, we were able to get a very clear idea of these factors. Now, let’s dive into each of these more.

Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, customer satisfaction was the most important factor to us at Credit Upflow. We believe that if the customer is ultimately not satisfied with the service that they’re getting, it doesn’t matter if they got the service at a good price, or that the promise to fix credit was from a reputable credit restoration company. So, to get a good idea about customer satisfaction, we looked at many online review resources and BBB complaints.


It doesn’t make sense to use the best credit repair company if it costs an arm and a leg. An important measure when choosing a credit restoration company to fix credit is to look at value for money. Therefore, we made sure that the value customers received was well more than the cost of the service. We looked in particular at the one-time upfront cost of signing up with the company. In addition, we looked at the monthly fee to make sure that it was a reasonable cost.


A credit repair company’s reputation can signal a lot of different things: experience, customer service, and effectiveness. If a company has been around for dozens of years with over a hundred thousand satisfied customers, there’s a much better chance that the company will do a great job for you as well. Along those lines, we also looked at the reputation of the company for fixing credit scores.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not all solutions are going to work for all people. Everyone’s credit situation is different. So, it may be the case that the credit repair company you chose just isn’t working. That happens, which is why we wanted to make sure that the top credit repair companies we recommended had very good money-back guarantees. This signals to us that the credit restoration company is very serious about improving credit scores for their customers. They align their interests with their customers’ needs and wants.

Weighting the Total Score

Not every category holds the same weight. For example, it’s more important that the credit repair company is effective than if it’s affordable. Also, it’s more important that the company is affordable than if it has been in business for a few years more than the other guy. This is why we gave each category a different weight to calculate a weighted average.

The best overall score that any company could receive was 10.0. This is if they scored a 10.0 in every category. Each category is weighted as follows:

Customer Satisfaction60%
Money-Back Guarantee5%

Using these weightings, we achieve a final score out of 10.0 for each company. To see the overall scores, check out our reviews of the top credit repair companies.