Ovation Credit Repair Company

Score: 9.6

Ovation Credit is an excellent choice of a credit repair solution primarily because of its large satisfied customer base. Nearly all customers that choose Ovation are satisfied with their services and ability to repair credit. Ovation has an A+ rating from the BBB, which means that it has very few complaint cases filed against it. In the rare case that one is, Ovation works hard and diligently to resolve the case in the customers favor.

Ovation also offers its services at an affordable price. None of the other credit repair services that made our top 5 have a lower monthly fee than Ovation. The benefit to value is very high for its customers.

Further, for the few customers that do not find enough value from Ovation’s services, they can easily ask for money back. Ovation has a great money-back policy; during any month where the customer is not satisfied with the service, they can waive that month’s fee. Sometimes, results can vary month to month for any credit repair service. This is better for the customer than canceling the policy altogether and needing to spend the extra effort to find another credit repair service that may not necessarily do a better job.

Finally, Ovation has been in business for over 15 years, and it was founded by attorneys who directly saw the pain that consumers had dealing with poor credit scores. These attorneys went on to create a business to solve this issue, not simply to make money.

Because of these attributes and several positive Ovation Credit reviews, Credit Upflow is confident in recommending Ovation as an excellent credit repair option.


Rating CategoryScoreWeighting
Customer Satisfaction9.560%
Experience & Reputation9.515%
Money-Back Guarantees10.05%
Total Score9.6100%


Initial Fee$89
Monthly Price$59
BBB RatingA+
Guarantee100% Satisfaction
Experience15+ Years

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