You’re More Than A Number

Credit Upflow is an independent resource that helps consumers like you achieve what they want in life, without being tied down by their credit score.

Our Vision

Our motto “You’re More Than A Number” comes from the beginnings of Credit Upflow’s life when it was just an idea. Our founding team all went through the pain of having poor credit scores. That was a dark period of our lives where we felt trapped by this number that seemed to define us. It was stopping us from moving forward in life to achieve our goals, including settling down and even buying a car. That’s why we knew that what we wanted to achieve was to help others realize that they are also more than a number.

While there are many other independent resources on the internet, we started Credit Upflow because we wanted to add our unique perspectives into the mix. We didn’t find any other resources out there that gave the precise information we would have wanted, in the format that we expected.

Credit scores are imperfect measurements. The sooner we realized how they are calculated and how they can be legitimately improved, the faster we were able to get back on track to achieving the life goals we wanted.

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